Motor Vehicle Accidents: A Back-to-Basics Course

  • Author/Instructor:  Oklahoma Bar Association

Motor Vehicle Accidents: A Back-to-Basics Course   Workshop Leaders:  Chad Kelliher, Andrea Rust, Jacob Rowe, Dan Hays, Matt Wade, and Kelly Bishop   Learning Objectives: An interactive workshop addressing the following topics: Sample contract Sample intake questionnaire Letter of representation Spoliation letter Medical auth; HITECH auth; Medicare forms; Health insurance subrogation requests Provider list Sample demands Reduction requests Distribution sheets From First Contact to Contract, Chad Kelliher   Case Screening Intake Meetings: in-person vs. virtual; paper vs. digital Forms From Contract to Settlement – Opening a File Panel Moderator: Chad Kelliher; Panel Members: Andrea Rust, Matt Wade, and Kelly Bishop Docketing Assigning Personal  Case Management Systems Investigating Liability Confirming and Understanding Coverage Managing Medical  Monitoring treatment Facilitating care  Requesting medical records and billing Understanding Medical Jargon Case Valuation and Client Expectations Demands Negotiations Know your adjuster Negotiation Techniques that Work How the Adjuster’s Settlement Authority is Restricted and Going Beyond it  Overcoming case weakness Tips and tricks for overcoming delay, stalled negotiations, inadequate authority  Client Communications  From settlement to payday, Matt Wade and Kelly Bishop  Release and Settlement Agreements  Managing Liens Medical Liens CS Liens Health Insurance and ERISA Work Comp Medicare and Medicaid Lawsuit Lenders Distribution of Funds and Closing the file         Wrap-up for Ethics – things to consider, especially before practicing in this area of law Dan Hays Marketing Do’s and Don’ts Cost and Time Constraints IOLTA Trust Accounts Malpractice Coverage Advancing Funds to Clients and Lawsuit Lenders Addressing Potential Conflicts of Interest Client Confidentiality Communication with Represented Parties Confronting Coverage Issues    Disclaimer:  All views or opinions expressed by any presenter during the course of this CLE is that of the presenter alone and not an opinion of the Oklahoma Bar Association, the employers, or affiliates of the presenters unless specifically stated. Additionally, any materials, including the legal research, are the product of the individual contributor, not the Oklahoma Bar Association. The Oklahoma Bar Association makes no warranty, express or implied, relating to the accuracy or content of these materials. 

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  • 10/27/23
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