LIVE REPLAY: Trust Accounting Essentials



  • Presentation Date 12/20/2022
  • Class Time 1:30 PM CT
  • Duration 130 min.
  • Format Webcast
  • Program Code 129059-83037
  • Ethics Credits: 1.00 hr(s)
  • General Credits: 2.00 hr(s)

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Trust Accounting Essentials


The need to handle with scrupulous care funds entrusted to a lawyer by a client or third person should be self-evident. Nonetheless, there are cases where practicing lawyers, either inadvertently or intentionally, mishandle trust funds, subjecting clients and third persons to the risk of economic hardship and undermining public confidence in the legal profession. The purpose of this is course is threefold: (1) to describe the rules for handling trust funds and property; (2) to discuss relatively recent changes to the handling of fees and trust transactions; and (3) to provide practical guidance on how to use both print and electronic tools to produce client and general ledgers and to perform proper three-way reconciliation of trust funds accounts.



Rules for Handling Trust Funds and Property

Gina Hendryx, OBA General Counsel



Documenting Trust Transactions & Preparing Ledgers – In Print & Electronically (Scenario Completion)

Julie Bays, OBA/MAP Practice Management Advisor 



Essential Features of Electronic Tools for Trust Fund Accounting

Julie Bays, OBA/MAP Practice Management Advisor 




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