Contract Essentials: Tips and Techniques for Better Contracts



  • Available Until 12/30/2023
  • Class Time 1:00 PM CT
  • Duration 120 min.
  • Format On-Demand
  • Program Code 121492-69221
  • General Credits: 2.00 hr(s)

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Contract Essentials:  Tips and Techniques for Better Contracts

“Good writing” doesn’t necessarily translate to “good contract drafting.” This “how to” drafting program is relevant for all lawyers who draft contracts in any area of transactional practice, including corporate, mergers and acquisitions, business law, and intellectual property, to name just a few. The program begins with a discussion of the preliminaries of contract drafting, including which contract format to use, which perspective to write from, and key strategies for handling the nine basic parts of a contract. It explains how to draft effective payment terms and warranties. The program will present proven and practical drafting techniques that beginning lawyers and lawyers new to transactional practice can implement immediately to draft contracts more confidently. Attendees will learn:

• Three different contract formats, and when to use each
• When to use first, second, or third person in contracts
• Successful strategies for the nine basic parts of a contract
• Terminology to avoid, limit, and prefer
• 5 things you should know about drafting payment terms
• 5 things you should know about drafting warranties
• How to standardize the language for specific legal consequences

Why Attend?
Featuring Lenné Espenschied, national drafting expert and author of Contract Drafting: Powerful Prose in Transactional Practice

• Understand the strategies for negotiating contract payment terms and warranty provisions
• Learn which words to avoid, limit, and prefer in drafting contracts
• Learn how to eliminate ambiguity by standardizing the language
• Learn the three basic contract formats, and when each works best
• Boost your confidence in drafting contracts
• Improve the quality of your work


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