The Cinderella Conundrum - The Evil StepParent and Worthless Stepchildren in Estate Planning and Settlement



  • Available Until 3/31/2025
  • Class Time 10:00 AM CT
  • Duration 145 min.
  • Format On-Demand
  • Program Code 132262-89035
  • Ethics Credits: 1.00 hr(s)
  • General Credits: 2.00 hr(s)

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The Cinderella Conundrum: The Evil Stepparent and Worthless Stepchildren in Estate Planning and Settlement

Problems between stepchildren and stepparents are as old as the ages. That’s why so many fairy tales feature an evil stepmother or stepfather and why it is not uncommon for stepparents to consider their stepchildren worthless. These situations in estate planning and settlement are a conundrum because no two are alike and there are rarely perfect solutions to avoid the tensions and conflicts that can arise.

The program will include these topics:

1.      Assisting Widows and Widowers in recognizing bad actors

2.      What are the signs of a gold digger

3.      Common concerns and sources of mistrust between stepparents and stepchildren and steps to avoid inflaming an already challenging relationship.

4.      Ante-nuptial agreements

5.      Estate planning for a remarried widow or widower

6.      Unique settlement issues that arise when one spouse from the second marriage dies

7.      Ethical, class, race and gender issues relative to the difficulties these marriages can pose

This program will draw on the wisdom folk and fairy tales teach while addressing applicable legal principals, statutes, and cases in practice.

            Issues of grief, loss, replacement, and class, ethnic, racial, religious, gender and political differences
            What Woody Guthrie and William Shakespeare share.  Issues of usurpation, substitution, loss of both parents by remarriage, and moral repugnancy.
      "Hansel & Grethell"
            Economic security and abuse.  Children who will not leave home.  Gold diggers.  What to do if you discover you represent one.
      "Snow White"
            When a stepparent is truly evil.
      "King Lear"
            When children are monsters.





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