2022 Annual Meeting - Lawyers Helping Lawyers



  • Available Until 12/31/2024
  • Class Time 2:00 PM CT
  • Duration 152 min.
  • Format On-Demand
  • Program Code 130045-84923
  • Ethics Credits: 3.00 hr(s)

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Filmed during the 2022 Annual Meeting

Lawyers Helping Lawyers



Survive and Thrive: Vicarious Trauma in the Law and What to do about it. 

Trauma and vicarious trauma is virtually everywhere in the legal world.  This program looks at how vicarious trauma affects clients and attorneys.  It also overviews types of direct and secondary trauma experienced by lawyers and clients, how such trauma affects wellness, and skills to process trauma or prevent it from causing mental health issues.

Suicide Prevention: ASK About Suicide to Save a Life

Attorneys often interact with colleagues or clients at risk for suicide. In this program, we will watch a video on suicide prevention focusing on the legal realm and provide participants with an overview of the basic epidemiology of common mental health issues, suicide and suicidal behavior, and risk and protective factors. Participants will learn to recognize warning signs—behaviors and characteristics that might indicate elevated risk for suicidal behavior.  It will also cover what to do if a person they think might be at risk, including guidance for referring the person to help. The movie will be followed with a discussion to learn ways to identify and help fellow attorneys who may be thinking about suicide. 

Mindfulness and the Practice of Law: Panel Discussion.   

According to research, mindfulness is a leading solution to anxiety and of course anxiety is one of the most common problems for lawyers.  In this panel discussion, we will look at powerful research regarding the benefits of breathing exercises and other real-life strategies that you can use in your busy professional life to help achieve a successful work-life balance. This panel will be open for discussion and questions to talk about what mindfulness can look like in your everyday practice.


Speakers:  Scott B. Goode; Shelia Naifeh; Michelle Fontenot; and Paul Jacobs.


Disclaimer:  All views or opinions expressed by any presenter during the course of this CLE is that of the presenter alone and not an opinion of the Oklahoma Bar Association, the employers, or affiliates of the presenters unless specifically stated. Additionally, any materials, including the legal research, are the product of the individual contributor, not the Oklahoma Bar Association. The Oklahoma Bar Association makes no warranty, express or implied, relating to the accuracy or content of these materials.