Bad Lawyers of Hollywood: An Ethics Program



  • Available Until 12/31/2024
  • Class Time 12:00 PM CT
  • Duration 51 min.
  • Format On-Demand
  • Program Code 135719-97930
  • Ethics Credits: 1.00 hr(s)

Price: $50.00

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The Bad Lawyers of Hollywood: An Ethics Program 


Whether it’s fictional lawyers in film, or real lawyers who represent celebrities, a ton of these characters have committed ethical violations. Join the CLE Performer Stuart Teicher as he explores the misdeeds of the real and fake lawyers of Hollywood. Rules addressed include 1.5 (fees), 8.4 (misconduct) and 1.6 (confidentiality)? 


STUART TEICHER- Stuart I. Teicher, Esq. is a professional legal educator who focuses on ethics law and writing instruction.   A practicing lawyer for 30 years, Stuarts career is now dedicated to helping?fellow lawyers survive the practice of law and thrive in the profession.   Mr. Teicher teaches seminars, provides in-house training to law firms and legal departments, provides CLE instruction at law firm client events, and also gives keynote speeches at conventions and association meetings.  


Stuart helps lawyers get better at what they do (and enjoy the process) through his entertaining and educational CLE “performances”.  He speaks, teaches, and writes— Thomson Reuters published his book entitled, Navigating the Legal Ethics of Social Media and Technology. 


Mr. Teicher is a Supreme Court appointee to the New Jersey District Ethics Committee where he investigates and prosecutes grievances filed against attorneys.  Mr. Teicher also served on the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics Fee Arbitration Committee. Mr. Teicher is an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown Law where he teaches Professional Responsibility, and he is an adjunct professor at Rutgers University in New Brunswick where he teaches undergraduate writing courses. He also taught legal writing at St. John’s University School of Law in New York City.  



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