More Effective Writing Makes More Effective Lawyers



  • Presentation Date 10/24/2023
  • Class Time 9:00 AM CT
  • Duration 360 min.
  • Format In-Person
  • Program Code 135714-95579
  • General Credits: 6.00 hr(s)

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“More Effective Writing Makes More Effective Lawyers” 

Rick Horowitz, Discussion Leader 


Oklahoma Bar Association 


Course Description 


There’s what you know in your particular areas of the law – and then there’s how well you’re able to communicate that knowledge. Communicate it to a variety of different audiences, through a range of different documents, to accomplish many different goals.  


That can be hard work. Even stressful work. Maybe you could use a little help. 


Help is on the way! Join writing coach and former attorney Rick Horowitz at the Oklahoma Bar Association on Tuesday, October 24, for “More Effective Writing Makes More Effective Lawyers.” It’s sure to be a lively and highly practical workshop that will reintroduce you to your legal-writing toolbox, including a few tools you didn't know were in there. 


We’ll explore the fundamentals (and the critical details) of creating clear, concise, well-organized, persuasive legal documents.?We’ll take a fresh look at some of the assumptions and habits that often lead lawyers down less-than-productive writing paths. And we’ll talk about other approaches that might be even better options for you in dealing with the variety of legal-writing tasks most lawyers face.  


Briefs, memos, client letters, even daily correspondence all benefit from your deeper understanding of what goes into successful writing, so we’ll examine good and not-so-good writing to see what worked, what didn't, and why. Among the topics we might cover: 


  • What should you include, and what can you leave out? 

  • Should you use an outline? Are there better options? 

  • Is your writing flexible enough to take on multiple assignments – and multiple readers? 

  • Are there ways to overcome “blank-screen panic?” 

  • How do you help your readers (whoever they are) follow your argument (wherever it goes)? 

  • Shouldn’t your brief be a little more...brief? 

  • Can you make the in-house editing process less of a strain? 

  • And do you really need all that legalese? 


You’ll come away with new skills, new strategies, and new confidencejustified confidence –  just as these attendees did:  


  • I've never learned so much and had such fun in a CLE.” 

  •  “Rick is energetic and engaging! Loved how he challenged the class and invited disagreement.” 

  •  “Absolutely loved it. There were so many amazing tips. 

  •  “Rick was fabulous! He was clear, concise, and entertaining. Who knew that this ‘More Effective Writing’ class would be both effective and enjoyable?” 






Disclaimer:  All views or opinions expressed by any presenter during the course of this CLE is that of the presenter alone and not an opinion of the Oklahoma Bar Association, the employers, or affiliates of the presenters unless specifically stated. Additionally, any materials, including the legal research, are the product of the individual contributor, not the Oklahoma Bar Association. The Oklahoma Bar Association makes no warranty, express or implied, relating to the accuracy or content of these materials


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Date and Time
Tuesday, October 24, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM CT
Duration: 360 min.

Registration Closes
Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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