Medication Misadventures



  • Available Until 6/30/2023
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  • Duration 60 min.
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Medication Misadventures:  Tips for Attorneys

The scenario of a patient starting a new drug and developing well-known side effects is a very cut and dried scenario. Such a scenario is the most straightforward; however, it is not the one we hear about most often. There are some scenarios to be aware of that should send up a red flag that harm may have been done to a patient due to a medication. For attorneys, there are several questions to explore and medical resources to browse when reviewing the details of a possible medication-related case. Attorneys can do their own investigation before considering a consult with a medical expert.

Learning objectives:

1. Describe two types of medication errors
2. List three “red flags” indicating that there may have been an adverse drug reaction
3. Identify two types of patients at higher risk for medication harm
4. State one practical resource for information on medications



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