ChatGPT: Lawyers' Friend or Foe?

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research and development company. On November 30, 2022, Open AI introduced a model called ChatGPT that interacts with humans in a conversational way. In this program, you will learn about what ChatGPT is capable of doing, and in fact is already doing. You will see examples of ChatGPT's drafting and editing abilities. By analyzing what it got and what it got wrong, you will learn how it can assist you in your practice. You will learn how lawyers are already harnessing the power of AI apps to practice more effectively.


Effective Strategies for Identifying and Litigating Domestic Violence

Sponsor: Family Law Section
Looking to improve your knowledge and skills in identifying and litigating domestic violence cases? Look no further than the Effective Strategies for Identifying and Litigating Domestic Violence program offered by the Family Law Section. This comprehensive program features speakers in the field, including Dr. Jennifer Harman, Angela Beatty, Brandon Pasley, and Sharon Byers. Topics covered include parental alienation, intimate partner violence typologies, and the GAL's perspective on alienation and domestic violence matters.